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I'm Lorraine, the owner of Serene Sleep Solutions and a mom to three kids who constantly keep me busy. I received my undergraduate education from Santa Clara University, with a BS degree. I received my post graduate education and certificates in Pediatric Sleep Consulting (Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting) , Early Childhood Education (Westmed College) and Postpartum Doula (Cornerstone Doula Program). 


Although experience and practice is enough to be successful in some cases, I chose to complete my postpartum education in order back up my experience and give my clients peace of mind.


When my oldest was born I had no idea what baby's needed for sleep and how important it was for them. We'd spend hours sometimes bouncing, swinging, rocking, shushing, everything you could imagine to get him to sleep. It was exhausting! Once we began sleep training, it was a game changer! Within a few weeks we had a very happy baby and a happy mommy and daddy. We couldn't believe the difference sleep training made in our life!

So much of being a parent is learning. Learning from past experiences and from others who have been there and gone through it before. That is where a coach comes in. It is someone to support you, answer your questions and make sure that you achieve the results that you are looking for.


Have you searched long and hard to find out what method would work best for you and your baby? 

Have you tried other sleep methods and are still struggling to get sleep?

When many people hear the words "sleep training" they automatically think it means leaving your child to cry it out. I'm happy to tell you that I do not offer with any "cry-it out" methods." I will not be giving you a plan that leaves your child to cry themselves to sleep. 

I know every child is different and I believe you know your baby best. Each family has different needs and it's important to me you get the specific support and help that your' family needs. Children are not one size fits all.

I offer a few different packages including one one one, do it yourself, and calls- to get you the answers and support that is right for your family. I also, offer a pay by the week option for "fine tuning".


Often parents will see great results when sleep training but then something comes up and they fall back into old sleep habits. Working with me one on one will give you the support that you need to get (and keep) your baby sleeping well.

 Have twins or multiples? I have methods to help you as well. 

Most methods only take about 3-5 days before your baby is sleeping through the night!


Sound like a dream?


Let me help you and your baby get the sleep you need and deserve.

Want to learn more about how to decide what method works best for you? Book your FREE  discovery call here.

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