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Here's how it works: 

Once you have purchased your chosen program, you will receive an email with access to your downloadable PDF or course. 

By purchasing a program you agree to my Disclaimer and Terms of Condition & Use.

Independent Programs

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Sleep Easy Plan 

Get a sleep plan right away!
Skip hours of research! You will receive have a step by step guide on what to do to help your little one sleep better immediately. It includes all of the methods I use and how to implement the one that is right for your little one.It is basically everything I can tell you, without working directly with me.

A Personalized Sleep Plan for Your Family: Creating Ideal Sleep Schedules and 
0-4 Years Old

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Does your little one fall asleep independently but you still are having sleep struggles? Or you haven't gotten your little one to fall asleep independently?

Does your little one wake early, take short naps or refuse to go to bed? Are you struggling to find a method or feel like you tried it all?

If YES, learn how a sleep plan specific for your little one can help!

A Client Experience

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"Oh my goodness, where to begin? Lorraine provided exactly what we needed to finally tackle sleep training. From the detailed, personalized plan, to the text support, advice and guidance- it was all invaluable.

For me, having a clear plan written out was so important, but he most valuable part was our texts where I could reach out and you would reply quickly. I needed validation that he was going to be ok and you gave me that! 

You saved me! And I've noticed that our little one is so much happier now too! I can't thank you enough for teaching us how to sleep train! Our LO is sleeping 10-12 hours at night and taking a solid nap each day.

-Josselyn and Owen 11months

Programs and prices are subject to change without notice. 
There will be no refunds once a your program or PDF is received.


What people are saying about me


"For the new mom, whether it be your first baby or your fifth, Lorraine Felix is the support person you need in order to help your baby sleep. With my second son, I thought since I had done the sleep training thing before that I would have no problem with my new baby. Instead, I ran into new roadblocks I hadn't with my first and needed a positive, empathetic coach to help me work through it. Lorraine listened to me, educated me and ultimately supported me while I implemented a sleep plan and got my whole family sleeping again. I can't say it enough, thank you, Lorraine!"


- Alana and Dean (7 months)

Ready to conquer your sleep battles?

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