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What people are saying about me


"Lorraine is very knowledgeable about sleep for infants and toddlers. She listens to your needs and personalizes the sleep plan. I have used online sleep sites and their personalized plans aren't personal at all. She truly cares about her clients and will follow up to make sure her plan is working for your family. I would highly recommend her if you are a first time parent or just need some help as a more seasoned parent."

-Gina, Lily (6 months) and Emily (2 years)

For the new mom, whether it be your first baby or your fifth, Lorraine Felix is the support person you need in order to help your baby sleep. With my second son, I thought since I had done the sleep training thing before that I would have no problem with my new baby. Instead, I ran into new roadblocks I hadn't with my first and needed a positive, empathetic coach to help me work through it. Lorraine listened to me, educated me and ultimately supported me while I implemented a sleep plan and got my whole family sleeping again. I can't say it enough, thank you, Lorraine!

-Alana and Dean (7 months)

We never considered sleep training, until I spoke with Lorraine. She listened as I explained what we were dealing with. She gave me a few helpful tips to start off and then after much determination we decided to go forward with the training. She gave us a precise plan for both my boys and we followed her every tip. Along the way she was a great support and answered every question and listened to every concern we had. Within 3 days my oldest was doing so much better and started working on my youngest. We have seen much improvement with both of them! It was the best decision we have made to sleep train. Overall Lorraine is AMAZING. She's kind, has patience, and is considerate to our needs and wants. As I mentioned before she was also a great support system for myself considering I didn't have much of it through family. And she didn't even know me. I would ten times or more recommend her to anyone who is looking to sleep train. You will NOT regret it.

-Rubi, Sebastian (3 years) and Timmy (5 months)

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