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Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment for Your New Arrival

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

How to create a perfect sleep environment for your baby.

I remember just days after finding out that I was pregnant I got all excited about how I was going to decorate my baby's room. Paint, teddies, theme, colours, books, pictures, etc. But I never once thought about the things that I would need to help my baby sleep better and safely. So I'm here to tell parents and parents-to-be what matters most about setting up your baby's room. Once you have done these things, you are one step closer to having your baby sleep better. #1. Dark Room The darker the room, the better. Your baby's room should be dark at all sleeping times, especially at naps. You can use black out blinds, aluminum foil, cardboard, blankets, or towels. There are also some temporary black out blinds you can get if you're going away and need to make sure your baby's room is dark. For moms that need to feed their baby in the night, try to use as little light as possible to prevent stimulating your baby. If you need a night light in the room put it as far as away from your baby's crib as possible and out of their direct eyesight. You can tuck it behind a chair so it isn't as bright. Another thing you can do is have a night light in the hallway and when you go in to feed baby, leave the door open just enough to let a small amount of light in. #2. White Noise Your new arrival will love having some white noise to settle to sleep with. It can be very soothing especially for young babies. The white noise machine I recommend is the Dohm machine. Other options for white noise is downloading an app on your phone or iPad. In the hotter months you can use a fan as well, just make sure the cold air isn't blowing directly on your baby. If you'd like to learn more about white noise and what is the best ways to use it, head to my Facebook Group and watch this live video where I talk all about white noise. #3. Temperature Your baby's room should be between 20-22 degrees C. If your baby's room is on the cooler side, be sure to dress your baby in layers such as warmer pjs or two layers and a sleep sac or swaddle. If the room is on the warmer side, cooler pjs and a sleep sac or swaddle. Avoid using loose blankets until the age of 1 for your little one's safety. To keep your baby's room temperature regulated during the warmer months can be tricky. Use a fan or air conditioner to cool it down, as well as keep the windows closed and blinds shut in the hottest hours of the day. #4. Decor & Toys I know mobiles and stuffed animals are so fun but they can be way too stimulating and are unsafe for your little one to sleep with until they are 1 year of age. Remove mobiles from above your little one's crib when they are sleeping. Again these are too stimulating for your little one. Lots of pictures on the walls and toys outside of the crib can also distract younger babies from sleeping as they are learning and figuring out what things are. It can cause them to want to play rather then sleep Pictures that are hung above the crib can be dangerous if they aren't hung safely to the wall so always ensure they are fastened securely. Other Tips: If you plan on room sharing with your baby, keep their crib farthest away from your bed as they get closer to 3 months. Sometimes the smell of mom can be enough to wake them and want to be held. Make sure baby's naps and night time sleep are taken in the same place so your baby knows that it's time to sleep.

Here is what our son's room currently looks like to give you an idea:

Yes that is painter's tape you see on the blinds to keep extra light from coming in through the cracks. We haven't had a rocking chair in the room since he was about 10 months old as we didn't need it. But having a chair is nice for our bedtime routine when we read a book and have some snuggles.

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