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"I Want to Sleep Train BUT I'm Against CIO"

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

This has to be the most common statement I hear from parents when they come to me looking for help to get their baby or toddler to sleep.

Some of you may not know what CIO stands for so let’s clear that up first. CIO stands for “Cry it Out” and is one of the MANY methods that are out there to help teach your little one to fall asleep independently.

You may be wondering what is the CIO method?

The CIO method is exactly what it states. It’s leaving your baby to cry until they fall asleep.

Before I continue on after that statement, I want to clear up one thing…I DO NOT OFFER THIS METHOD.

If you are a parent that has been holding off on sleep training because of fear that your child will be left to cry, here are some things to help reassure you that you don't need to choose CIO:

“The method you choose to help you teach your child to sleep independently must suit your little one's personality and temperament or else you won't have success"

I offer a few different methods that involve little tears as much as possible. During our consultation if at any point you are uncomfortable with how your child is reacting to the method we have chosen, we will reconsider our options and change the method as we go to make sure that you are comfortable moving forward.

One thing to keep in mind is that some methods that you as a parent would be more comfortable with because it seems more gentle, actually end up being a lot harder on moms, dads and baby because their baby doesn’t respond well to it. So, in the end the other methods you may not have chosen first are actually far easier on your and your little one.

Majority of the time there are tears involved in sleep training and here is why:

You’re changing your little one's routine, and they are not liking it! Remember your little one has a personality and their tears are their way of communicating with you and expressing themselves. You can think of it this way; Your little one is learning a new skill, just like walking. When they fall, they cry, get frustrate but keep getting up and trying again. Your little one cries when they are learning to fall asleep independently because that is the only way they know how to express their anger and frustration. Eventually they will get past it just like when they are learning to walk and fall asleep if you allow them the chance to.


This does not mean you just leave your little one to cry until they fall asleep.

I believe a child should be comforted and cuddled when they are crying and I understand what it’s like to hear your little one cry so the method we choose together will be in yours and your little one's best interest and keeping the tears to a minimum."

If you are still hesitant in moving forward with sleep training, come join my private facebook group "Baby & Toddler Sleep Support for Tired Moms" where you can talk to many mom's who have made this leap already, ask me questions and learn more about crying during sleep training.

Sleep Easy!

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