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Why Does my Baby Wake up Crying from Naps and/or Night Time Sleep?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Most of us when becoming a parent, know that when a baby wakes up crying it usually means one of three things; they’re hungry, they have a dirty diaper, or they are hot/cold. BUT after you’ve ruled out these three things and none of these seem to be the issue then what do you start looking at next?

Majority of the time when a baby wakes up crying from a nap, it’s quite clear that they aren’t fully rested and they seem like they need more sleep. If this is the case you will want to double check 3 things:

1-Are they having a hard time transitioning between sleep cycles, meaning are they unable to put themselves back to sleep and it’s causing them to cry out for help to be put back to sleep?

2-Are they crying between sleep cycles as a part of their transition and you’re rushing in too quickly to get them up and waking them up fully when they may have just gone back to sleep?

3-Do they have the right amount of wake time between naps and before bedtime?

If your baby is waking up seeming fully rested and has a good long sleep, but is still waking up crying, it could be your baby’s personality. It may be just the temperament of your baby. He/she may just need a few minutes to wake up fully. Find out what they like when they wake up. Try a few different things. Maybe they want space, or maybe they want some cuddles, or perhaps maybe they just want to play quietly before jumping into routine.

It may take a few days to figure out why your baby is waking up crying.

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