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3 Things to Start Early for Better Sleep at Christmas

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Do you often feel that through the Christmas season your little one's schedule gets all out of whack and no one sleeps?

This year I have put together my top 5 tips to help you prepare for the Christmas holidays and give you some hope that your little one's sleep doesn't have to fall apart so you can all stay well rested.

Some of these things are super simple and will only take a few days to work at. Others may take a little longer. Whatever you choose to tackle, all or only 1, you will still have a better chance at getting more sleep at Christmas.

#1 Is it a good idea to sleep training right now?

Now is a PERFECT time to start sleep training. Your little one will have plenty of time to learn how to fall asleep independently, establish a schedule and find consistency in routine. These are all things that will make your holidays so much easier!

If you are wondering when is the latest you should start sleep training, I would say plan at least a week before the holidays but if you can start 2 weeks before that would even be better. It won't take your little one 2 weeks to learn to fall asleep independently but this way you will for sure know that the new habits are working well and old habits won't be as easy to fall back into.

#2 Start establishing a bedtime routine right now.

When your little one has a bedtime routine that they have grown to love and find calming, they will be able to settle a little easier at bedtime with noises and chaos going on around them.

The bedtime routine you establish now will teach your little one that bedtime is nearing and will give them a chance to settle before being put into bed.

If you are having a hard time figuring out a bedtime routine that fits well with your little one, check out my "Successful Bedtime Routines". There is sure to be one in their that will help you out.

#3 Does your little one (over the age of 1) have a comfort object?

A comfort object could be a special blanket, a teddy bear, mom or dad's sweater, etc. Something that your little one loves to sleep with and brings them comfort in an unfamiliar place.

If your little one is under the age of 1, it is not recommended to have any of these things in their bed. It can increase the risk of SIDS and is very unsafe.

If your little one is over the age of 1, now is a great time to start introducing something like this. Choose one thing, or let them choose one thing, that they can sit with during the bedtime routine and bring to bed with them. If they are not wanting it, just lay it beside them or at the end of their bed. Some little ones don't like to snuggle with something but they may just find comfort in having it close by. They may only reach for it when they are sleeping at a new place or in times when they need comfort.


These are all things that you can start now that will help your little one sleep better at Christmas, whether you are at home or somewhere else.

If you need help with any of the above, you can book a call with me to chat about your sleep struggles and learn what your first step should be. Just click here to book your free call.

Sleep Easy!


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