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4 Ways to Help Your Little One Sleep When Learning a New Skill

There are 5 physical milestones that can have a big impact on your little one's sleep.

  1. Rolling

  2. Sitting

  3. Crawling

  4. Standing

  5. Walking

They are all skills that you want your little one to learn, but just not when you both need your sleep.

I remember it being so frustrating when my little one's wanted to spend time in their crib learning to stand up or roll around rather then sleep. It was exhausting!

But that's why I'm here now. To help you out so you can have more patience then I did because you have the tools to help your little one's out.

These milestones can happen as early as 3-7 months old, when your little one decides to start rolling and they can last up until 17 months old. Now that all depends on when your little one decides it's time to start learning and mastering these skills. Each one will be different.

But how you can handle it and help them can always be the same!

When you see that your little one is starting to practice one of these skills & you notice it start to affect your little one's sleep, here's what you can do:

- Be patient & understanding - how you feel will help them out a lot. They pick up on our feelings.

- Stay consistent with your sleep training method & don't go back to helping them back to sleep. I know this can be hard but it will be so worth it later on. Habits are easy to make and hard to break as you've seen before when it comes to sleep

- Your little one may wake earlier then they should. If this happens, don't rush in. Give them time practice their skill and see if they go back to sleep. If they are unhappy, go in quickly, fix the situation and then leave again. If they don't go back to sleep, get them up and continue on with their regular schedule

- Give your little one lots & lots of practice throughout the day to master their new skill. The more time they have to practice during the day, the more time they will spend sleeping when they should be

If you've accidentally gone back to assisting your little one to sleep (we all do this sometimes), then you know where to find me to give you that little gentle push to get back on track. Just book a call with me below and we can get you back on track again!

Sleep Easy,


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