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6 Tips to Make Sleeping Away From Home Easier

Do you dread going on holidays or being away from home because your little one doesn't sleep well away from home?

It's not usually one of those things we think we have to deal with before we become a parent but for most of us parents it can be a challenge.

Here are 6 things you can do to help your little one sleep better away from home:

#1 Recreate their sleep environment

As soon as you get to your destination, spend some time getting your little one's sleeping space ready for them. Even if naptime or bedtime isn't for a few hours. That way when it's time for them to go to sleep they come into a space that feels a little more like home. You want to do as much as you can to make it like home. This might even mean bringing certain things from their room such as, a favorite teddy, a favorite blanket, a picture they look at, a book from home. You will also want to take some time doing the next few things.

#2 Set up white noise

If your little one uses white noise at home then you for sure will want to make sure that it's on your packing list. If your little one doesn't use white noise at home, I'd invest in a small travel one such as the Dohm one in case your little one is having a hard time settling because of new noises. Often little one's struggle to settle because unfamiliar sounds not just because of their unfamiliar visual surroundings.

#3 Make it dark

Travel blackout blinds are another great investment. One brand you can use is the GroBlind.

Other options you can use are tinfoil in the windows, use painter's tape to tape towels over the window or buy a black sheet.

The darker the better so there isn't new shadows and they can't get distracted by all their new surroundings.

#4 Similar sleep schedule

It's so easy to get off of your little one's sleep schedule when you are travelling but it's important to do the best you can to keep their sleep schedule still number one priority. If your little one becomes overtired it will be harder for them to adjust, harder for you to reason with a toddler, and harder for them to settle. I'm sure you know hard it is for your child to settle at home when they are overtired so imagine what it would be like away from home.

#5 Similar sleep routine

I know you've heard me say how important it is for your little one to have a bedtime routine before and here is one of the reason's why. This allows your little one to know that bedtime is nearing. It gives them something familiar to look forward to when they are away from home. It gives them some special one on one time with Mom and Dad that they may be craving when being among new faces. So keep the bedtime routine the same as at home. This might mean bringing a favorite book as mentioned before.

#6 Wind down time before bedtime

Wind down time is a little bit different than the bedtime routine. It happens before bedtime routine starts. It can be quite hard for your little one to go from excitement/stimulation, to bedtime routine to bed. Wind down time will help your little one actually get their PJ's on. You know when they are still jumping up and down from excitement and you're trying to get their pyjamas on...that is always so much fun for us isn't it? ;)

Here are some ideas to add in wind down time.

Have someone else read them a book or do a puzzle with them.

Keep the room quieter

Clean up toys

It really is just an extended bedtime routine but begins before the routine.

What are some things that you do to help your little one sleep easier away from home? Let us know so we can all enjoy leaving home for a holiday!

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