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6 Ways to Ease Anxiety When You Hire a Babysitter During Sleep Times

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Sometimes when we hire a baby sitter we can be a little anxious about how our little one is going to sleep for them. This could be because it's your first time leaving them with a baby sitter or it could be that you just know your baby/toddler doesn't sleep well for other people.

It's normal as parents to be a little anxious about how well our little one's will do with someone new, so don't feel alone!

Here are a few things you can do to make sure everything is in place for your babysitter so your little one will sleep easier and you will feel at ease.

#1. Have their room ready for sleep time

Take away any stress for the babysitter or your baby/toddler by having the room ready for bedtime or nap time. A few of these things could be:

- Make sure the noise machine is set on the right setting if you use one

- Have a few books ready for them to read

- Have PJ's set aside

- Make sure their favorite blanket and teddy are in their crib

- Put the blinds back in place so it's already dark

#2. Let your babysitter know what their routine is

Fill them in with all the details. If their routine is exactly the same as how Mommy or Daddy does it, they will have a far easier time falling asleep.

- What time do they start bedtime routine? - What does it all entail?

- How do they fall asleep?

#3. Tell your babysitter their daytime schedule

If your babysitter will be there during nap times, let them know their exact schedule so that they aren't putting them down too early or too late - when sleep will be harder to achieve.

#4. Don't be afraid to give too much information

Yes, they might be overwhelmed and may not understand exactly why you're giving them all this information. So let them know this is to make things go as smooth as possible for them and help their day/night be a little more enjoyable. ESPECIALLY if you have any feelings that your baby/toddler may fight sleep and be anxious.

At the bottom of this blog you will find a "Babysitter's Help Line" that will make it easy for you and your babysitter to be prepared. This way you won't forget anything and your babysitter will be able to easily access the information you gave them without interrupting your time away.

#5. Most important

People will tell you this all the time but it's true - go & enjoy your time!

If your little one doesn't end up sleeping well, it really is ok. You will be able to get them back on track when you are back with them.

It's a great time for you to have a break and them to get used to being around someone else other then you!

#6. One last thing

If you are in the Saskatoon area - check out Saskatoon Babysitters - to hire a trusted babysitter for your time away. This way you can be even a little more at ease knowing they are with someone that is trusted!

Sleep Easy!

Babysitter's Help Line

Babysitter's Help Line

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