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Products that I've tried and


For Your Baby or Toddler

Dohm Noise Machine

The Dohm's white noise replicates the soothing "shhh" sound recommended by leading experts and pediatricians.


SlumberPod - Your Travelling LifeSaver

SlumberPod makes it so that you can share a room at someone else's house, in a hotel or in a trailer without having to worry about light or noise disrupting your little one's sleep.

gro bag.jpg

Gro Bags

These sleep sacks are great for many different seasons. You can choose the right weight of Gro Bag for the room temperature your baby is sleeping in. They also have some super fun patterns! 


Gro Clock

The Gro Clock has been a lifesaver in my house and in many of my clients homes. It becomes an exciting part of your little one's bedtime routine & helps keep your toddler in bed until it's time to get up.

Bitta Kitta - The Wearable Lovie

The above picture explains all the amazing features I love about this sleep sack!

Hatch Baby.webp

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Nightlight, and Time to Rise Clock

This is a 3 in one! It does it all, sound machine night light, and programmable wake/sleep time. It can all be controlled on your phone if you are not in the room with your baby, 


Wyze Cam

This monitor is affordable, small and so easy to use. It links to your phone so you never have to worry about where the other end of the monitor is.

sticker chart.jpg

Toddler Sticker Chart

This toddler simple sticker chart helps add incentive to keep older ones in bed and give them something to work towards. It's simple enough for young toddlers and works well for bed, nap and behavior issues.

Please note : Some of these links are affiliated (not all) but I only recommend  products I 100% love!

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