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I’ve tried everything and nothings works-will I ever sleep again?!

Do you have feel like you have read every book, joined every sleep group, talked to every mom and STILL can’t get your little one sleeping? You’re not alone! When moms reach out and say “I’ve tried it ALL”, I believe them- they probably have!

So what gives? Do you have the only baby that doesn’t want to sleep? No, not at all! All babies (toddlers, children and adults, too!) need sleep.

There are three main that could be making your attempts to sleep train your little one not work.

First, and the one I see most often, is CONSISTENCY. It really is key. You need to be 100% consistent in your efforts. If you are patting your little one to sleep instead of rocking them and it takes 15-20 minutes, it makes sense that you don’t want to do that at 2am when they wake, but you have to. It won’t work if you only do it during naps, or sometimes at night. You have to do it the same way ALL the time so that your baby will know what to expect, and how to work through it. Otherwise, it’s confusing for your little one and they will just become more and more frustrated not knowing what is expected of them.

Secondly, if you are being 100% consistent (truly consistent in your methods, timing, schedules) then you may have a scheduling issue. It could be their daytime nap schedule is throwing off their night sleep or their night sleep (or lack of it!) that is messing up their day schedule. It sounds crazy but it happens. Sleep is a cycle, when when portion isn't working correctly, things get off balance.

Third, but by far the least common reason that I come across, is age. In order for your baby to understand schedule and routine, they have to be around the 4 month mark. That doesn’t mean a younger baby can’t sleep through the night. I see a lot of moms who start amazing sleep habits from day one and their 3 month old is sleeping well. But, if you’re trying all these things prior to 4 months, your baby is probably just too young! Newborns have immature nervous systems, super small stomachs and just aren’t capable of keeping a routine in the early weeks and months.

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night? Or just want more information on consistency or why the methods you tried didn't work? Click HERE to set up FREE consultation call.

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