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Holiday Travel and Sleep Tips

Sleep with kids is rough at best! Holidays with kids are exceptionally fun, but exhausting none the less. Add some travel in there, a few days of being off schedule, some excitement and a worldly pandemic and you have yourself a very exhausting, restless holiday season! Here are a few tips that will make these next few weeks much smoother.

First, make any changes that can be made now, before the excitement, hustle and bustle begins. Make sure that you have a good routine and schedule for your little one. That way there is consistency and they know what is expected while on vacation. Consistency is key! Make sure you are in a good place before any travel, late nights, or other bumps in the road that may occur. Then stick with that routine!

If you are staying in a hotel (or having to share a room) set up the kids sleeping area so that it resembles 2 bedrooms in some way. I recommend checking out SlumberPod (a lightweight & compact tent) that you can use for one of your kids. It creates a whole separate sleeping area for them. You may have to get creative on this one sometimes making it feel like two separate sleep areas. put suitcases underneath it.

Just like home, you want white noise and the room as dark as possible. A dark room will help signal sleep and hopefully make it harder to see any movement from siblings or parents. I love the Dohm Sound Machine. It works great for both home and travel as it is portable so you can easily bring it with you.

As hard as it feels, with some preparation, traveling with little ones is totally do-able! Sleep may not be perfect while away but at least you know you were prepared and did everything in your power to make getting to sleep as seamless as possible!

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