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Is it Possible to Sleep Train & Still Breastfeed?

You may not know this but before I became a sleep consultant, I was first a post partum Doula. I'm a big fan of parents bonding with their babies. If a Mom wants to nurse, I am never going to tell them they have to stop even when that comes to helping their little one sleep better.

Sleep training does not have to mean you need to stop nursing your little one.

Are there certain cases with older babies that they feed out of habit and sometimes it's just easier to stop the nursing because once they wake to nurse once, they just continue to nurse? Yes, this happens!

Are there instances when helping a 9 or 10 month old sleep, I have said that we may have to consider stop nursing to break the habit? Yes, but it is a last resort thing.

There is a process in order to continue nursing and sleep training your little one. First, it involves breaking the "feed to sleep association". So this means feeding your little one after they are awake for awhile and not the last thing before bed.

Once your little one has realized that feeding isn't a part of going to sleep, then they will be falling asleep on their own.

I made this sound like it's something super simple but I know it's a struggle breaking the habit of nursing to sleep.

The bottom line of it all is that you don't need to stop breastfeeding in order for your little one to fall asleep on their own.

If you are ready to start sleep training your breastfed or bottle-fed baby but you have no idea where to start, you can set up a time to chat with me about your options by clicking the image below.

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