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What Can You do to Help Your Little One's Sleep During Christmas?

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner!

One of the biggest worries parents often have at this time of year is how is my little one going to keep up with all the activities, excitement, stimulation, gatherings, late nights and skipped naps?

My answer is they won't. And that is not to make you stress out more but it's just to help you realize that it is the reality at this time of year and you won't be the only one struggling.

BUT here is some encouragement....there are some things you can do that will help your little one sleep immensely during the holidays and help your little one handle it all just a little bit better.

It will take some planning and some thinking ahead but it will help you out.

So here are 6 things you can do to help your little one throughout the holidays:

Recreate your little one's sleep environment.

If you're headed to someone else's place for the night or even for a nap, take some time to pack a bag with all the things your little one loves for sleep. Once you get where you are going, set up their sleep area right away and let your little one spend some time exploring their new sleep area.

This will help your little one feel more relaxed and familiar with their sleep environment.

Does your little one have more then one nap? Protect that first nap.

Plan your day after your little one has had a good first nap. That first nap will set the tone for the day and if it is missed or too short, it will completely throw off the rest of your day. If you have to miss a nap, miss a later one. But keep that first nap as a MUST.

Choose between skipping a nap or later bedtime. Don't do both.

This one is pretty straight forward. You understand what will happen if your little one skips a nap and has a late bedtime...OVERTIRED. So make sure to plan for one or the other.

Master the transfer at bedtime and nap time. From car to house, from house to house.

This will save you big time. Because your little one will be tired, there's a good chance they will fall asleep in the car when driving from one place to the next. So if you can carry your little one in and keep them sleeping, it will help you out a lot.

Try to keep the lights off, noise to a minimum and head straight to a spot they can sleep.

Struggles with family.

I'm sure there are many of you dreading having to deal with family. Telling them that no it's nap time, or it's bedtime. Make sure to plan lots of time with the family outside of sleep times so they don't feel like they are missing out on seeing the little ones.

Stay firm with your plans and don't be afraid to tell them what will happen if they don't get to sleep then.

Remember you are the boss of your little one :)

Enjoy your holidays no matter what. Often they do better then we expect.

This is the most important one. You know we often worry and stress about things more then we need to. And it never makes the holidays enjoyable.

If your little one isn't sleeping well it can often make us miserable as parents but try to remember you can get back on track again after the holidays. And just know this is only temporary.

Sleep well,


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